Pinned post doesn't show as lastest when log-in

Hi, I’m admin user of some discourse forum.

A few weeks ago, I pinned posts on our forum.

But It doesn’t show up on the top when I log-in. (Posts are ordered by ‘Activity’)

If I log-out, the pinned posts go to the top of the board.

Is there any additional setting to show the pinned posts always on the top?
(whether you log-in or log-out)


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I am assuming that you are referring to pinning a topic and not posts.
When you get to the last reply in a pinned topic, the topic is automatically unpinned for you. You may want to try pinning it “globally.” That should keep it at the top of the category list even if you read the last posts.


Thanks for revising me. I meant a topic.
But it is weird that I already pinned topic globally (and set time ‘forever’).

Anyway, I solved this problem with re-pinning the topic.
Thanks for your reply.

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I found the solution to this problem.

Un-check ‘automatically unpin topics’ and ‘default topics automatic unpin’ in ‘Settings’ menu(admin authority required). These two settings turn pinned posts into unpinned posts when the user reads it.

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