Pinned topics order is not working on DigitalOcean version of Discourse

Hello Team,

Pin and re-pin topics does not make those reorder. Can anyone tell me how to make them ordered?
I host my forums at DigitalOcean.


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Have you tried doing a reload after you repin them?

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Yes, I tried many options. And it seems not working


I’m on DigitalOcean and it works just fine. So, I would say that error is not by DO. That would be quite strange anyway. Discourse doesn’t know which cloud server it is living in :wink:

I got similar issue some time ago, but I had more problems with time stamps of topics. Rebuilding fixed it. Was it because of someking caching issue or was there a bit or two in wrong position… not a slighest idea, but rebuilding helped.


can you please tell, how you reorder them? what is the scenario?

and this really matters, since hosted version of Discourse differs from cloud one.

Per DO versus some other cloud company? I have really hard to believe how that would affect. That is matter or resources of VPS (RAM, processors etc), not company based. And if something like this happends because of hosted version, it happends because of setup, not DO itself.

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self-hosted Discourse has to be fully setup by yourself, comparing to hosted version. but the question now is about ordered pinned posts. in fact, I cannot make them ordered(

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I can’t replicate this on my test site. Everything seems to be working as expected.


Topic 1 → topic admin wrench → pin topic → global timeframe = forever → pin globally

Topic 2 - repeat

Topic 3 - repeat

Order displayed:

Topic 3
Topic 2
Topic 1

I then unpinned Topic 2, and re-pinned it. As it is now the latest pinned it appears at the top of the list:

Is there something else I could try to replicate what you’re seeing? Does it work in safe-mode? [YourSite]/safe-mode


let me check. I will get back soon. Thanks!

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