Pinning multiple topics to top of category in order

I want to have “About this category” always appear first in a category and then have a top level topical question always appear second. When the Top Level topic is designed and is pinned it forces down the About This topic, and I can’t seem to force it back to the top. In fact it now seems to resist being re-pinned at all.

Does anyone know how to do this?


Did you find ? Imposssible to me to find that

Pinned topics are displayed in order of the most recent post to that topic. Make another post on the most important pin.

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Thanks, ok i can do that. But my problem now is about closed topic. I have only 2 closed topic and i would like that these two topic be at the top.

As a staff member you can still post in a closed topic.

True. But its temporary solution. When a member gonna answer on a pinned post, this one go up direclt after closed topic.

If Pinned Posts won’t work for you, why don’t you use a permanent banner?

Permanent banner ? How can i do that ? Do you have an example ?

Check out Banner themes (and instructions for customizing them)