Host of discourse

Hello i am download discours on my Ubuntu and i woud like host discourse in my computer bu i have problème when i go in my website discourse discourse dont works


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Did you opened the ports in your router? Does your ISP allows traffic on Port 80/443?

This type of installation is not supported by Discourse, so you’ll get limited help here, specially because the issues are almost sure by networking and not the software.

I have my port 80 open

The discourses requiert apache ?

Did you follow discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub?

Discourse requires a valid domain name. It’s difficult to host a web site on a home computer.

You should provide an email address when discourse-setup asks for a let’s encrypt email address rather than trying to create your own certificates.

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Juste follow the installe of docker and discourse

root@sami-ESPRIMO-E500:/var/discourse# /var/discourse/launcher start app
Nothing to do, your container has already started!

Does it resolve to the public ip of your server?

I dont have appache or nginx so i think this is the problème

You do not need apache or nginx.

What does



You woudlike to change my host name on

The name must resolve to your server’s server IP address could not be found.
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