Plugin or theme request: a drop-down for open/closed/both status

Instead of having to make dedicated version of Latest or similar that has ?status=open by default or otherwise, I’d like to have a drop-down menu just like the tags one. It would have “open”, “closed” and “show all” as the three options.

We could make it default to “open” so that it filters out closed for all the nav items (Latest, New, Unread, Top). I’d also want to see the same setting when viewing any particular category.

I’ll be happy to hear any suggestions about other ways to make this practical or to filter out closed topics generally but make it easy to discover them still…

Most forums just don’t have a pressing need for this filter, so this seems like plugin material. UI mockups would also be a huge help here.


Edited to make this about plugins. I don’t think UI mockups are needed since the UI would be trivial. I’ll be happy if some qualified plugin author decides to make this, but I’m not capable myself.

I still think this would be nice to have.

I’m going to look into this. I’m pretty sure this should be doable with a theme component. I’ll report back if/when I come up with something :slightly_smiling_face: