Top should have open / closed / all selectable filter

For certain categories looking at “top” and “open” is way more interesting than looking at boring “top” with both open and close.

For example: this is a wonderful list of unimplemented features we may want to get to.

If you looks at boring “top features, all times” its just the same list forever.

I think

  1. We should have a selector next to top that allows you to flick between “open/closed/all”

  2. Categories should be able to opt for a certain default, like for features and bugs we can default to “open”, cause they are way more interesting usually.



This is missing the point… top all time is always a bad list … you gotta scope time to something less than “all time”

I think looking at open vs closed is a ninja advanced user thing, no way that should get top billing on the page.

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Unless you scope “all time” to “open” then it becomes quite a useful list. The same kind of holds for year and maybe quarter.

What about showing the extra filter only if you select year or all? Then it does not have top billing.

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If it were to exist at all (I agree it’s a bit ninja) open / closed topics feels like it would come under a ‘status’ list sort feature to me. i.e. a list header toggle to sort by topic status.

I feel like a mandatory prerequisite for this is to render what the active filters actually are at the top of the topic list. Currently, there’s no indication other than in the URL that your view is filtered. (There are indicators when it’s sorted, but not when the sorted column is hidden.)


I like that, if ninja filters are added they should be visible in the ui

Also, correction

This is the list I am talking about look at it yourself and compare to an unfiltered top all for features.

Also it seems like we could infinite load a few more topics here when the timeframe is big