Plugin page breaks with AdBlockers


Both admins of our site have had issues recently accessing plugin settings on our respective browsers (Brave and Firefox). Edge does not seem to have this issue.

It’s possible this is related to the recent update (which notably caused another, very large issue for our site, that I hope is also fixed by this point), as we had not had any issues with this until relatively recent

It’s hard to explain exactly what is going on, because it’s very weird behavior, but in short:

  • When you open the Plugins tab in the admin console, only one active plugin is shown, and the screen is empty

  • When you click on the Plugins button, more plugins appear, but there is still nothing actually shown

  • Clicking on any of these plugins doesn’t show any settings for them

  • Manually navigating to the address of the settings for a plugin gives a “page not found” error (even when copy-pasting the link from a browser where the settings page does work)

Hoping somebody else with a stable branch can confirm this and figure out what’s going on here. Stable is supposed to be generally free of these kinds of random bugs, so the fact that we’ve had not only this but also a serious privacy-compromising bug pop up within the past week or so is quite disheartening.

Could this be due to having the adplugin plus and adblocker in your browser? (I think Brave has one by default?)


It indeed was - disabling our adblockers worked.

This is not long-standing behavior - do we know if this is a uBlock change or a Discourse change?

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From what I understand, I think it’s the adblocker that’s gotten more vigorous. There is a semi-workaround in the test-passed branch that will flash up a banner suggesting that it could your adblocker that’s the issue, which should at least provide a bit of a clue for others who come across it. :crossed_fingers:


Sounds like a good solution to me!