Plugin/web app idea: Featured timeline or broad strokes changelog

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #1

I bumped into this today:

Another example from a WordPress plugin:


As far as software developers are concerned it’s not so much a changelog as it is a timeline of noteworthy feature additions, but whatever you call it, it’s pretty neat!

The basic idea is that you’d have a category or a tag dedicated to topics that cover a feature release. From there, I can think of many ways in which this could be implemented:

  • Feed content to a static site generator
    Probably the most cost-effective method. Could be hosted on GitHub pages, but would still require a script to be run regularly to grab the content.

  • Pull in and display content in a single-page application
    Could still be done very cheaply through a service like Netlify for instance.

  • Plugin that creates a custom index page for Discourse
    This might stand a chance of being put to use here on Meta (e.g. 301 Moved Permanently), but it’s probably also the hardest one to do. Requires handlebars magic.

The list of setting names ordered by their introduction dates