Plugins and theme components rarely support tag-pages

Tag pages are great, but using them seems to require dropping plugins and theme components as most are built to work on categories.

This could be an issue for individual developers to solve, but as discourse appears to use a completely different router/controller for tags vs categories, it would require a fair bit of re-wiring for all of them, so I wondered if it was an issue the team might be interested in resolving in the core.

If those plugins could see tag-pages as categories it would extend functionality of tag-pages massively, either instantly, or with a small tweak from their authors

I think it’s kind of expected because while nearly all Discourse communities use categories, not all use tags. I think tag usage has definitely been picking up a bit though.

Are there specific examples you have in mind? I recall you replied requesting tag support for the category banner component for one… are there any others that stand out as potentially useful for tags?


Thanks for your reply.

Atm we have the kanban boards component and banner headers one, which I’ve noticed won’t work with tag-pages. I leaped to the conclusion that means this is widespread among the library, as that’s 2/3 of the user facing ones we use.

I expect the events and team calendar plugins also rely on categories, although I’ve not tested them.

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Any thoughts on this from the core team?

We’re talking about beginning to mod three popular components/plugins to make them work in tag pages on our platform, but if this is something that’s going to be baked into a core update soon, I wouldn’t want to put the time into a complicated fix which will be obsolete soon.