PNG converted to JPG? :(

Hi all!

I’m back. Once before we fixed some problems we had with metadata being stripped from uploaded images.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but we have a wonderful photography-oriented community over at that relies on that metadata being available for various reasons. @zogstrip fixed it super-fast which was awesome!

Now, however, we have a slightly different problem. While working out issues around bit-depths and color-management we’ve stumbled upon a nasty showstopper for us. PNG files are getting converted to JPG files! :frowning:

Note, this isn’t a problem for thumbnails/resized/lightboxed versions of an image - I understand why that would be done and think it’s a great idea. The problem is that the original .PNG image is converted to .JPG!

Is there any way to just leave the uploaded (original) image alone and not convert to jpg? As an example, here is this file, uploaded to meta:

You can see if you try to download the original image again, that it’s been converted to a JPG. :confounded:

Set the “png to jpg quality” site setting to 100 to disable that behavior :wink:


Oh man, thank you x1000 @zogstrip! :heart:

For the record (and for anyone else like me too lazy to find this):