Problem with category image transparency

I can’t understand it, I’m creating icon in Gimp. Adds transparency.

Windows and other programs have a good interpretation, but on the forum a white background is added to the image.

6 hours I get tired of it. What am I doing wrong ?..

Do you know if the image is a PNG or a JPG file after it has been uploaded? My guess is that it’s being converted to a JPG which will remove the transparency. If that’s the case, here’s what you can try:

You can also read more about the conversion behavior here: Very small PNGs are inappropriately converted to JPGs


Okay, I’ll check it out, but tell me why it’s happening. What is the intention of such conversion?

I tried with many pictures, even loaded very large ones on the whole screen and the problem still existed.

The idea is to cut down the file size whenever possible to reduce the impact on any storage limits.

Have you tried uploading an image with transparency after changing the setting I mentioned? If you are using the same image, it’s possible you may need to alter a pixel so the system does not see it as a duplicate and keep the converted version in favor of the PNG version (this was mentioned in the link I shared)