PNG with transparency getting converted to JPG after uploads

Feature is neat but it looks like it converts images with a transparent background (png) to jpg by default. Would be nice if it asked if you want to keep the transparency or not and then choose a format to convert to. From reading the blog post, it sounds like it is supposed to check for transparency but maybe that is a bug?

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There may be a bug. Can you share a image where this problem happens?


Yep, there you go Dropbox - CorePatchnotes_Banner.png - Simplify your life

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Well, I just tried it here and the new feature is completely skipping this image:

Transforming CorePatchnotes_Banner.png
Image has transparent pixels, won't convert to JPEG!

Looks like it’s getting converted into a JPEG server side, so it’s not related to the new Client side image optimization enabled by default. Moving to a #support topic.

The issue you report is detailed at


Interesting, thanks. Is there any why I could have noticed that without looking at logs? Also this means I have to disable the feature for now, sadly. Should I post in the other thread as well about it? I think it should at least be an option to keep transparency.

The client side image optimization can be left enabled, as it respects transparent files. The feature you need to disable is the server side PNG to JPG conversion.


Ah! Thank you, that option was not quite clear to me, just noticed right now that you can set the quality to 100 to disable the conversion.