Disable replies but still allow votes without closing

Currently users can vote on a post as well as comment on it. Depending on the topic, sometimes these discussions can get out of control and we need to close the thread. Reopening it zeros out the vote total.

On the other side of that users cannot vote for a closed thread.

I am wondering if is possible or if it would be considered for an option for voting enabled categories to “disable replies” (admin/mod only command)?

This would allow users to post a thread and if the administration determines can disable the thread from further replies but still allow for voting to occur?

community.infinite-flight.com has a thread similar to this when is what prompted this request.

I was envisioning an option in the wrench menu for admins/mods.

Would it also be a helpful or useful feature to be able to create a post that is “voting only” from the start? People cannot reply to it but can only vote on it?

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Yes that would also be useful.

This is actually already doable and @Chris_S I recommend this is what you do.

Create a subcategory under your voting category for “replies closed” allow everyone readonly and then move topics you want to terminate discussion on (but keep voting) there.