Pop-Up or Sticky For Notifications?

Hi everyone, I’m sure this is a common problem that most of us experience, but we have a really hard time getting our members to respond to PMs and forum tags. They either have email notifications turned off or don’t read them, and when they visit the forums they just seem to ignore the little green circle on their profile.

Our thinking is that if we were able to deliver a pop-up or add a sticky notification to the top of the forums, this would help with the visibility issue. We’d want these to only appear if an admin PMs them, or if they are tagged in a thread.

Have any of you custom-developed something like this or have any other suggestions on how to get notifications more ‘in the face’ of forum users?



Sticky is better solution. And everybody just hates pop-ups and users have tendency close that as fast as possible. Only ones who likes pop-ups are admins and web-masters :wink:


I agree, but at this point, I’ll take a working solution for either.


I’ve always wondered why the two circles (green for pms and blue for other notifications) disappear once you open the avatar menu. I’ve always wanted them to stay visible on the avatar, so I can open the avatar to look, without the indicators disappearing.

wait wat. I just got a pm notification in another community and the green circle-notifier is sticky as I want. o_O more coffee is needed