Popup or chatbot to collect leads

Can anyone recommend a plugin or thirdparty solution for colleting leads in the forum? Like a chatbot or a popup or something.

Preferably something that doesnt require a developer to install :grimacing:

Would be interesting to hear what other forum owners are using. Must be a few here who spent some time looking into this.

I havent used it yet, but have considered the Custom Wizard Plugin for something kind of similar. Might that work for you?

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Could be. Was hoping for wp-type of plugin though. Or some third party where I could just add a code snippet from the admin area.

That one seems like it would need a dev.

You mean a Intercom widget? We do have Intercom widget.

Hm, that could work. Intercom is a bit expensive but something that could be used for collecting leads. Was hoping to add a chatbot like landbot.io or some generic popup.

Hm. But intercom might work. Thanks for the widget link Rafael :slight_smile: