Popup or chatbot to collect leads

Can anyone recommend a plugin or thirdparty solution for colleting leads in the forum? Like a chatbot or a popup or something.

Preferably something that doesnt require a developer to install :grimacing:

Would be interesting to hear what other forum owners are using. Must be a few here who spent some time looking into this.

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I havent used it yet, but have considered the Custom Wizard Plugin for something kind of similar. Might that work for you?

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Could be. Was hoping for wp-type of plugin though. Or some third party where I could just add a code snippet from the admin area.

That one seems like it would need a dev.

You mean a Intercom widget? We do have Intercom widget.

Hm, that could work. Intercom is a bit expensive but something that could be used for collecting leads. Was hoping to add a chatbot like landbot.io or some generic popup.

Hm. But intercom might work. Thanks for the widget link Rafael :slight_smile:

I would like to use “Hey Oliver” with Discourse. I simply pasted their snippet of code in the “Header” “After Header” and “/body” of Discourse and nothing seems to happen.

Here are the instructions they give on their site. Any way to get this chat tool to work with my site, similar to intercom and other chat bots?

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