Port 443 of computer isn't accessible to forum.cloudybots.com?

Digital Ocean, 2gb, NewYork, I am using the setup and not the one click.


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Can someone help me please?

Your DNS A record for forum.cloudybots.com isn’t set up correctly. I’d suggest starting by fixing that first.


really? i swear it is…

Public resolvers point to 3 IP addresses linked to that hostname. I don’t think it’s correct. Did you try confirming on a service like dns checker or whatsmydns?


There is a cross on

Los Angeles CA, United States


Cross means they can’t resolve that hostname. If multiple public resolvers fail, there’s definitely something wrong with your dns.

Ps: I see you’re using cloudflare proxy. You can’t really get Discourse to generate ssl certificate with a proxy in front of it. Try disabling the proxy and allow direct access to port 80 & 443 to get ssl certificate for Discourse.


i dont think i use cloudflare???

waht can i do to fix this

Where did you get the domain from? Go to your registrar dns management page and verify your dns settings.


one.com i got my domain from.


Have you changed the nameserver for your domain over to cloudflare’s nameservers.

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Oh I have xd.

I forgot i did that, should i remove them

Pick either one.com or Cloudflare and follow the instructions to get it set up at that one.

If you don’t have any other websites on the domain, you can probably just remove the nameserver customization and use one.com for everything.


If you plan using cloudflare you have to use their nameserver. You specify this in your one admin panel.

There’s a wizard in cloudflare that should walk you through the process.

You should also check the subdomain is configured in cloud flare after its setup correctly as your name server

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Alright I fixed it. I created an admin account… but emailing now doesn’t work.

I used one.coms smtp send.one.com
Then I used their port (default)
Then I put the username spear@laverdecafe.com as I want that to be the email.
Then I put the password in where I normally login with that email.

But nothing…

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