Possible to Auto-Post First Comment

Hi there,
Is it possible to have an automatic first post on each new topic? I’m hoping to have one that explains and links to the commenting policy.

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There’s no built-in feature for this, and we don’t currently have one planned — but it would be possible in a plugin.

An alternative that does exist are the new user education messages (they appear in the composer like this)

You can edit the text for these in admin > customize > text content (search for education)

You can also edit how long they appear for new users in admin > settings, the setting is called educate until posts and defaults to 2.

You could potentially raise that value to be high enough that people will see the education messages for a very long time… but I imagine they’ll learn to ignore them as a form of banner blindness?


We recently had a plugin developed which does what you’re asking for. Although the specs changed (forget the complicated graphic and buttons, we just automated it), here was my original post:

If you post in #marketplace , the author can probably adapt it to your needs.

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