Prompt when hitting New Topic / Reply Button first time

Hey guys

I have a few long topics where newbies can post their questions. Yet I want to make sure that long time members don’t get annoyed by evergreen questions. Although I advice members to read the first topic and read the resources there first, many still rather opt for asking their question instead. So far I haven’t found a user-friendly way or incentive to point them to a beginner article or FAQ.

How about a feature to configure a lightbox prompt when the user hits a “New Topic” or “Reply” button?

That way you can provide a short text and a few links for the user to point him to helpful resources.

That’s exactly what our just in time messaging does. Search for and under Customize > Text


That’s awesome, I did not know such feature exists.

Is there any way to configure it for individually per topic?

Nope, afraid not! Can you explain the use-case?

I have multiple topics each with hundreds of posts where beginners (tl0) can post their questions.
Often those questions have been answered before. Hence we have FAQs which I want to point to. I see the user action of creating a new reply as the best time and place to provide him those resources.

Another use case is a quiz-like tool on my wordpress page. There ppl can self-diagnose what’s wrong with their plant. The link to the tool is in the first post. Hence new users often don’t see that the link is there and rather post a question “what’s wrong with my plant…” instead of using the tool.

With the prompt for replying to the topic the first time I can make sure that they have seen the tool available and use it before replying

In addition a topic-specific prompt can advise the user to put in crucial information about their case so that other users can actually give them advice (although a topic-specific template would be more helpful here)

This is what suggested topics are for. If the question has been asked already it will come up in the JIT suggested topics list.

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If it is category specific you can also set up a category topic template, but that is only valid for new topics, not replies.


I am aware and I am already using it for some categories where necessary :heart: