Possible to change "/t" in url to something else?

Is it possible to change the default slug used by discourse “/t” and “/c” to something else?

This is a time when describing what you’re actually trying to do rather than your solution to the problem would probably help.

One solution to what might be your problem is /admin/customize/permalinks and the permalink_normalization site setting.


I am trying to do exactly that. I want to use “/thread” in all urls instead of “/t” (not exactly “/thread” but another keyword). I am trying to stuff a keyword in all thread URLs.

Oh there was a discussion about why /t and /c are abbreviated rather than full keyword:

(Not sure if it helps with your problem…but some info😊)


User pages aren’t full form anymore though…

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Esp the time when you want to put a URL into a QR code, shortness really helps

I understand why it might have been configured like that. But I would still like to change “/t” to “/something” if that is possible.

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I don’t understand how having /t intead of /some-keyword is a problem. /Why/ do you want to change it? Do you think that this will increase your SEO somehow?

Changing the path will not be easy to do and will likely make it difficult to upgrade.

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Yes, it’s for SEO purpose. My entire forum is about a third party product. I can not include the keyword in the domain, so having it in the URL would be very helpful.

I have already tried subdirectory setup but it is running into issues.

If having the URL be http://bad.domain.name/fantastic-keyword/t/slug/123 would be as good a solution to your problem as having it be http://bad.domain.name/fantastic-keyword/slug/123, then the latter will be a zillion times easier.

If you’re having trouble configuring a subdirectory setup, I promise that changing ‘t’ to something else will be much, much, more difficult. Solving the issues with the subdir is going to be the easier path.


Thanks. I will stick to the subdirectory setup then.

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