Possible to compose pre-filled MULTI user private message via URL?

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Hey all - I haven’t seen anything on it, but I wanted to see if it was possible to initiate a private message with multiple usernames as the recipients? I know group message is possible, but I wanted to start a new PM to two usernames that aren’t in a group.


You might try separating multiple user names with a plus sign.

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Is this possible @techAPJ?

No, sending personal message to multiple users via URL is not supported yet.


Is this still the case? I was trying to do this today but couldn’t get it working, so I’m assuming it’s still not supported?

I would also like to do that. I tried using +, a comma etc. No ability to do that as far as I know which is really annoying.

I just tried comma, plus, and slash yet none work.

This would definitely be helpful. We use groups for a lot of things already.

An example of a generic use case would be those times when PMing is meant for an individual and perhaps one or two others who are coverage for when that person is away.

We now support comma separated multiple usernames. Here is an example link for meta:


Also updated the documentation for this feature.