Possible to make static bottom mobile menu

We will be on our second hosted discourse site soon and wanted to know if it is possible to make a static bottom menu with ease on a HOSTED discourse site as i know we are limited.

There’s a mobile tab bar theme component that may help!


I thought we couldn’t install anything from Github on a Hosted solution? I’ll look into this now, thankyou so much for the fast reply and help xx

I can’t access that page

Ah it looks like there was a link to a deleted post in that summary you may have clicked on… this should definitely work: Discourse Tab Bar for Mobile

That restriction only applies to plugins (because they have much more access to the backend and can impact other sites hosted on the same server) you’re completely free to install themes and theme components. There are a bunch here in our #theme category!


Wow just installed, set it up and is working :slight_smile: Thanks so much