Possible to mute all topics from specified IDs?

in personal setting, could ignore/mute posts from ignored IDs, but the placeholders are still there.

possible to totally mute topics/posts from ignored IDs ?
at the bottom of a topic, could mute this topic, but only for this one topic, possible to add a preference setting, to allow mute all topics from specified IDs ?

sounds like you are using mute instead of ignore. go to user preferences - users tab and add users to the ignore function instead of mute. their posts will be replaced by an “ignored content” comment.


thanks for your reply, @Lilly

I tried both mute and ignore in preference setting
I could see the comments/posts being hidden for the specified ID.

but my question is how to hide the topic from the topic list page for a given ID.
say on this list page: support - Discourse Meta
how to totally hide the topics/discussion thread started by a given ID.

some users on our site, they want to be able to do that…
very likely, it is not supported yet. but seems there is some use case/need for this…

I just wrote a theme component for you


nice work @Lhc_fl ! :clap:t2: :slight_smile:

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thanks, @Lhc_fl will try !