Possible to update add url path prefix for /t and /c

Update default url path prefix for /t and /c . The basic idea is I have domain and load balancer

I have a load balancer with two backend sets:

  1. API Service localhost:81.
  2. discourse on localhost:80.

I want to set up a routing policy as follows:

  • If the path starts with “/discourse” the request will be directed to discourse.
  • Otherwise, the request will be directed to API Service.

You are talking about a subfolder install.

However, it is much MUCH less complex to instead switch application based on hostname rather than path.


Why not make the API be at /__api or something? Wouldn’t that be easier than moving Discourse?


The service is already running and used by someone else

I’m echo they the subdomain is much easier and has no downside. People don’t notice the hostname anyway, and neither does Google.


Thanks this is working

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