Delete button always visible for one user

I have a user that can always see the delete post button despite having delete in the post menu hidden items

This isn’t happening for any other users and the delete button is hidden as expected, I have impersonated the user and can repro on my end, so it’s not her browser. Is there a per-user setting that would make this visible all the time?


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Safe mode works even if you’re impersonating a user. Can you try that to rule out theme/plugin issues?

If the issue still occurs in safe-mode, can you check the browser console for any errors?

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It does still show in safe mode, not in red, but the trash is still visible when it should be hidden. Nothing in the logs or console either. I also tried this with another test account and I can see the trash can with that account as well, but I do not, nor do others I’ve talked to, quite strange.

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