Post numbering inconsistent with scrollbar

(Dan Fabulich) #1

On Announcing the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels - Announcements - Choice of Games Forum there are a few hidden posts at the top of the thread.

If you click on the time stamp of the first post, it naturally identifies itself as post #1. But when you scroll to the next user-visible post and click on the time stamp, it says “post #4.”

That’s weird, I guess, but the bug I’m reporting is that this is inconsistent with the scrollbar, which is especially noticeable on mobile where only one or two posts fit on screen at a time.

In an iPhone Private tab, scroll down to the fourth visible post, “post #6.”

Actual: The post counter in the lower-right corner says “4/32,” making it appear as if you’re on post #4. If you then scroll further down and jump to post “#4,” that will take you to the second visible post, whose invisible post number is post #4.

Expected: When posts are hidden, the post numbers should change to match the scrollbar/counter, so if you’re looking at “post #2” the scrollbar should say “2/32.”

(Alternately, the scrollbar counter could include hidden posts, so you’d scroll down just one post and the counter would increment by 3 to say “4/34” or whatever the real total is. But this would reveal the existence of hidden posts to the public, so that’s probably not the right answer.)

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

I think the correct way to read this is The post counter in the lower-right corner says “4/32” telling that you are on the 4° visible post.