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Hi everyone!
I thought there should be a way of noting which posts within a topic have a response (or which are not).
The usecase is that we are using a topic thread for a webinar, and we will ask the audience to post questions to the topic thread. As the webinar progresses, the speakers will reply to the questions and they will be responded in-thread, but it would be relevant to be able to visualy notice which ones have been replied and which ones haven’t, so we can take them into consideration.
After the event, we expect to split those questions and answers to different categories to boost the forum life.

This is part of tie work done for a Workflow for holding online webinars on discourse.

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There is a setting that can help you with this:

If you uncheck that, posts with replies (even when they have just one reply) will show the “1 reply / n replies” button.

Thanks much @pmusaraj , that was exactly what I was looking for!

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