Topic status for "replied to"

(Charles Walter) #1

A user wrote to me earlier with an interesting idea. She wanted to be able to see in the topic list which topics she had already replied to. She said that she has seen a few other users mention similar ideas and that it would help them identify the topics in which they are active. I know on most desktop views, Discourse show multiple avatars, but as we move to a mobile world, a simple reply icon could be helpful.

Is there a way I could run this check in JS currently? I was thinking of including it next to the topic status.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Why? The first time you reply to a topic the state of the topic is set to Tracked. That is the de facto indication that you replied. Just look at all your tracked topics.

(Charles Walter) #3

The user was looking for a way to identify these topics in context of the latest category view, without having to go to a separate view.

I think a similar analogy could be made, in your email inbox, you wouldn’t go to a separate view to identify which topics you have already replied to.

Anyhow, I will remind the user about the “my posts” tab which we have active.

(Mittineague) #4

Actually, my email client has several folders including “sent” and “drafts”

Anyway, perhaps the best thing to do would be to have these members “favorite” the URL with an appended ?state=tracking

If there are a lot of such members, you could consider putting the link in the navigation.

The Watched wouldn’t be included, but there would be Notifications for those and they would show up in Suggested too.

(Charles Walter) #5

I guess the simple answer is that there is no exisiting logic check I can use to determine if a user has replied to a topic, from the topic list?

I dont think there are many users askingn for it, but I also dont receive that many ideas from our users.

I am trying to get more info, but I’d expect the reply status flag provides just as much assistance browsing a list of topics to know which topics you havent participated in yet, as it does identify those in which you have.

I guess that’s more what I was getting at with my email analogy. Of course I can go to my sent items, but I shouldnt have to in order to find out if I responded to something that is still in my inbox.

(Mittineague) #6

I know what you’re saying. There are a few ways that are “close”, eg. the avatar may show in the users column, they could go to tracking, they could go to their Activity page, they could do a filtered Search.

But there isn’t a “you replied” icon in the Latest list.