No rate-limit popups

Normally, actions such as Liking are rate-limited, and when you hit the limit, you get a message telling you you’ve hit the limit. However, in 1.3.0beta9, it seems those popups are no longer appearing.

Edit: Possibly linked to this issue?


I’m seeing this issue as well. When you hit the rate limit, any further likes look like the forum is attempting and failing to apply them - the text saying ‘you liked this’ comes into place before quickly being removed.

This makes it look (to the user) like the forum software is running into errors instead of said user hitting an intentional limit, which is a bit unfortunate.

I’m going to guess that the bootbox library got broken somehow?

Yeah maybe another Ember 1.10 regression for @eviltrout ?

You mean the popup box library, guessing by the name? Still shows up when you want to cancel a post, so it’s not all popups it seems.

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The popup library is definitely working. I did identify and fixed the issue with the “oops are you sure you want to post in a different topic” regressing:

I will have to look at the rate limit one though.


Also, it apparently happened to administrative action rate limits since before beta 3. Can’t find a report here at the moment, though, if there was one.

Can you open a separate one on the admin rate limits?

And I’ve fixed the issue with rate limits not showing up for ActionSummary issues (such as liking):

Thanks for letting me know!