Sandbox / test area

Could there be a group created, just for running tests, so as to not bother any regular readers? The tests could be deleted by the author in a day or so.

I just want to test, e g, Post saved succesfully before image uploading process completed to see if I can reproduce it, without bothering anybody. No I don’t own my own installation.

Demo (


Well, my account only lasted for 1 minute then I got logged out and I had to create it all again exactly the same way a second time. It even forgot my username so it was valid to create one with the same username a second time.

I think you had unfortunate timing. :slight_smile: It resets every 24 hours and it looks like you caught it just on the cusp of a new day.


It happened to me a few days ago. At what time is it being reset?

I think it’s around 9:00 AM.


Well, I would put a notice on the sign up page that accounts will be cleaned up every 24 hours at XX time. But by the way it seems that’s not the case because there are accounts posting on that site not just 24 hours old.

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There is some preseeded content that people can engage with so as not to have a totally blank site. :+1:

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In Welcome to our demo! - discourse - Demo it would be best if sam also mentioned

  1. The exact time of the 24-hour reset.
  2. Upon reset not only posts, but also accounts themselves, will get deleted, excepting a few “pre-seeded” posts several years old, that are placed there for interaction experiments.

There’s no need for the @mention. As you can imagine, it will be someone else who updates the demo site. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have written down your suggestions and will see if I can work them into the next round of updates. :+1: