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I created this theme about a year ago for client and I thought I鈥檇 like to share this to the community. This theme will show the views (reads) count for posts, that鈥檚 it!



I hope someone found this useful :smiley:

Note: only tested on tests-passed branch


Hi! The administrators of the site where I am registered have installed you theme component, but the counter always stays at 0

Is there any way to fix it? :thinking:

The site is:


Sorry for the issue. Let me know if this fixes it:


It worked perfect! Thank you!


Can you provide the option to hide the number of views in the replies?

I think is broken since last discourse upgrade

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If anybody is still using this component and encounter problems after upgrading Discourse to 2.9.0.beta3, have a try with my fix: GitHub - freemdict/discourse-post-views-counter-theme. :slight_smile: Remember to disable or remove the previous version of component.

I basically changed only one line of code: Fix bug brought by Discourse 2.9.0.beta3 路 freemdict/discourse-post-views-counter-theme@3f337c0 路 GitHub.


Thanks so much your version worked @mdict_free (oct 2022)

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Awesome component! It is very useful. However just noticed recently it has stopped displaying on my 2 servers. I have one running Stable snd thr other is test passed.(Jan 2023)

Are you having an issue with this recently not working?

I have, it doesn鈥檛 show anything and I can鈥檛 find any errors. It worked at some point, but I can鈥檛 pinpoint when and when the situation changed 鈥 mostly because there was a bit layout problems earlier but mostly because I didn鈥檛 feel I would get any useful pros.

Now I gave a new try, and it just doesn鈥檛 work. And not work means tablets and phones so it can work on real desktops; but everything must work on mobiles because those are the most dominent group of devices in use nowadays. If something doesn鈥檛 work on mobiles it is for minority and all it gives for community and admin is just another part that can break places.

And I鈥檝e changed time format to long date because Discourse鈥檚 way is really鈥 american and difficult to understand, at this part of Europe anyway. But that鈥檚 why we have tools to customize everything. There is still open question if that gives hard times to the plugin.

But for me this is a broken plugin.

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Maybe one of the team members can take a look as maybe a core change requires this to have in part a rework?

Would really hate to loose this as it is quite handy.

Try his revised itbis working.

I think this component is abandonded and isn鈥檛 working anymore. It should tag as broken one.


The post above yours is a working fork. Maybe @mdict_free might be willing to take over as a maintainer.

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