Improvements i want for my discourse for making it less overwhelming/noisy for newcomers

Hi I need help on doing a theme-component, or a component?

What I want:
1- that the Activity page of a topic/group/user is more easier and direct to access

User: on the avatar menu (on top right) be able to customize this menu, and add a item directly to see the activity of itself (this is really relevant, if u want to continue the work you didn’t finish last time, and continue from there)

group: it would be really good if the groups of the user have a more visible page, maybe it’s own tab in the profile page of a user. Also a place to show them in the homepage

topic/category i would really like to have the option of “activity” for a category and subcategory

2- i want to hide all posts from subcategories in categories… it feels very noisy

i don’t known if this is feasible with a theme-component, is it?

3- make activity of the groups of the user as home page. or at least clickable. and make groups more readable

4- add created date (order by) to show on the topic list

almost solution: It is possible to order by created date in the settings of each category! and set this one as the default to always show up

4.1- be able to set default order list for topics for all categories and subcategories, instead of one by one (i want to order by date of creation)

Possible solution / workaround

5- independently if the user is the subcategory or not… should always show the category in the topic list

I will keep on updating this post. with links and components already made, you are welcome to share your points of view, and similar solutions.

List of components and solutions im already using:

  • breakline after category title so that the groups of a category are not clutering
.category-title-name .parent-box-link h1 {
 display: block !important;
  • hide burger menu of the left side on desktop
  • more css to remove bars on the topic list in a category (quite noisy)
    go to definitions > category style

It’s there under the “person” icon on the submenu — but not right at top-level. Alternately, you could use the new global custom section in the other menu (the sidebar).

I don’t understand this one.

You can do this with a setting for the parent category.


Yes thats what I want, something like the notifications tab but with the activity. and is there a way to select which should be the default one, when the user clicks?

i fixed it now. I mean there is: Latest / Recent etc… and I’d like to add Activity and it would list something like it is listed in the “Group” > Activity

Where exactly? :slight_smile:

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