Allow only new posts to constitute a change

I would like to be able to edit topics (original post) in a certain category without that making the topic show up in people’s latest changed posts (terminology?). However, I would like this to happen for new posts in the topics. Is this possible?

  1. The topic won’t get bumped by editing the OP unless that is the only post in that topic. In that case you can change the timestamp after editing and that will remove the bump.
  2. New posts already behave this way.
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And the timestamp needs to be earlier than the real edited time?

Make it whatever it was before you edited the post.

After the fact, use the “reset bump” command on the topic staff wrench.

If you are writing a post that will bump, you can select no bump from the reply drop down in the editor, like so:


What does “reset bump” do? Anyway, I don’t see it.

I also do not see ‘Reply as linked topic’.

These things must be for people in the ‘staff’ group.

Yes, you would need to be staff for either kind of reset bump. Reply as linked topic is not a staff action though.

My bad. I meant I don’t see ‘Toggle topic bump’.

What version of Discourse is this?

Are you an administrator or moderator?