Posts and pages aren't uploading from WP discourse plugin


I’m trying to integrate a WP with a discourse forum, as has been done thousands of times. It is the famous plugin a lot of people is using, the one in this topic:

The problem is that, for some reason, even if everything in the connection seems correct, I can’t upload posts or pages as topics/responses to Discourse. The message “There has been an error publishing this post to Discourse.” appears.

I can see my Discourse forum categories in the “create post” part of wordpress, so I know my WP is conneted to my Discourse. I’ve tried all kinds of configurations and it is still impossible, that error message is still appearing.

I’ve installed the Query Monitor plugin and so far there are no errors of any type.

I’ve also tried to check the error logs of the Discourse forum and there’s no reference to these things happening. Browser console doesn’t yield any info. the only thing I have is this error message and the fact that things aren’t being posted in Discourse (yet they do appear in the wordpress site)…

I’m a bit lost.

What do? Thanks!!!

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Try enabling the WP Discourse Send Email Notification on Publish Failure setting. It’s found on the Publishing tab of the plugin’s options page. When it’s enabled, you should be sent an email with some more details about why the post failed to publish.

Other things to check:

  • make sure the plugin’s API key setting is using the Discourse All Users API key
  • the Publishing Username should be set to the username of a Discourse admin user (try using ‘system’ if you haven’t renamed the system user)
  • make sure your Discourse username is set on WordPress to be exactly the same as your username on Discourse. The Discourse Username is set on WordPress on your profile page, in the Contact Info section.