Posts from the system user?

So a user was deleted in the forum quite recently, but they are now known as system. The post was originally made by a deleted user, but as of right now the system user took that post. I’m sure a deleted user made this topic and got a lot of replies.


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Huh, that may be an automatic thing that ownership for topics started by a user account that has been deleted is changed to the system account.


No, that is not an automated thing.

Have you asked on that forum what may have happened @twofoursixeight? They may have chosen to do that manually.


No, I don’t think so, and also any topics not related to what the forum is about there aren’t really allowed there.
All I know is that this is the only edit on the history. No transfer ownership thing, no nothing. Just a TL3 adding a tag.


Normally deleting a user would delete all of their posts and topics. It’s one of the main reasons we encourage anonymisation as an alternative so as not to leave holes in conversations, or wipe out other people’s contributions.


I vaguely remember that a user getting deleted on AMC had posts deleted. When the posts were restored (manually), they became the @system’s posts.


Giving that a quick test, it seems like that could be a possibility. :+1: Undeleting a deleted user’s post is an unusual choice though, and leaving it as @system is a little unintuitive. :thinking: I’m not sure what a good alternative would be though in that circumstance.


Could maybe copy an idea from reddit and create a user called ‘deleted’ and change ownership?

Not really ideal either. Or a user with a bot name. NullBot.


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