Posts with copied and pasted quotes from main post showing up as replies to main post


Hi, sorry about the long title, but I’ve recently come across a bug in Discourse. The title pretty much explains what the bug is, here are the steps to reproduce it (also known as repro steps):

  1. Quote the main post on a topic.

  2. Copy the text that shows up in your reply when the post is quoted.

  3. Press cancel and make a new post that isn’t a reply to the main post.

  4. Paste the new quote into your reply and press the reply button.

  5. Scroll up to the top post. It should say that it has one or more replies. If you tap the button that says __ replies, you should see your post there.

This isn’t intentional, is it? Can someone confirm that it is, indeed, a bug?

Also, I’ve seen this on both our forums and Discourse Meta, I just tested it on Try Discourse.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

You can’t delete posts as a normal user, only mark them for possible deletion in 24 hours.

So step three above in your repro makes no sense, it is impossible.


I meant press cancel, I’ll edit it now.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Are you saying that you don’t think a post which quotes another post should be considered a reply? Because it is a reply. If a post quotes five different posts, it is in fact a reply to all five of those other posts.

If you quote a post, you are replying to that post.


In that case, I suppose this isn’t a bug. However, since you seem to intend to keep this feature, I would recommend making this happen with quotes from replies to topics, as it currently only happens when you quote the main post.

EDIT: Never mind, this was an error on my part, feel free to close if you want.

Also, now that I think about it, I agree that this feature should be kept.

(Mittineague) #6

I’m not clear exactly what steps you took or what you think should be happening.

I just tested on my localhost.

Made posts #1, #2, #3, #4
(posts 2 and 4 were “buffer posts” to get around the “suppress directly after / before” setting)

Post 5 did a Reply to post 1, clicked the Quote icon, copied it, canceled.
Then did Reply to post 3, and pasted in the copied quote.

Then post 6 did a select, quote reply, copy, cancel of post 2
and did a Reply to post 4

In each case both the post that had the quote copied and the post that was replied to got an expandable
1 Reply v
But only the post that was replied to showed the “arrow avatar name” in the post that did the quoting and replying.

I have a feeling your testing didn’t take the “suppress” into consideration.

Everything went as expected in my testing as far as I could see.