Potential way to hide ignored users from topic list?

Is that possible to make an API call to get ther user’s ignored users list and hide the topic which has that user-id or remove thoes topics before the topic list was rendered?

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Here is my implenetment for now

Inspired by

And with this theme component

It will also work on mobile.

In additional, if you update this line


<a href="{{topic.lastPostUrl}}" data-user-card="{{topic.last_poster_username}}" data-user-id="{{topic.creator.username}}">{{avatar topic.lastPosterUser imageSize="large"}}</a>

and change my code on

  let tr = $('*[data-user-id="' + ignored[u] + '"]');

You will be able to keep the last poster’s avatar/card view while remove topic by creator.

My only concern is the script keep checking every 500ms and might take too much memory


I’m also looking at how to remove the ignored users from mobile category topic.

<script type="text/x-handlebars" data-template-name="components/mobile-category-topic">
<td class="main-link" data-user-id="{{topic.creator.username}}">
  <div class="topic-inset" >
    {{raw "topic-status" topic=topic}}
    {{topic-link topic}}
    {{#if topic.unseen}}
      <span class="badge-notification new-topic"></span>
    <span class={{cold-age-class topic.last_posted_at}} title={{raw-date topic.last_posted_at}}>{{format-age topic.last_posted_at}}</span>
<td class="num posts">{{raw "list/post-count-or-badges" topic=topic postBadgesEnabled="true"}}</td>

And when I tried to add data-user-id to this view, it doesn’t work, am i looking in to a wrong template?

update: I see the issue, the topic object passed from category.topic doesn’t contain topic creator’s id, also none of the properties in the topic object can be used as flag to remove topic, I’m blocked. Any help will be appreciated :rofl:!

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Im trying to update it and avoid using setinterval, but in case if anyone would like to use it, the last update supports both Topic Thumbnails and Topic List Excerpts

Your code did not seem to work and made the forum super slow. Any thoughts? @th21

Maybe it’s too old to use, I made a new component if you would like to try it.

It’s based on

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