Pre-filled Staff Notices

In Reddit there are auto moderators that notices users before posting. According to a study this increasing civil behavior in threads. Discourse may give to admins and/or moderators the same ability. We can write different staff notice messages and it may appear on above of every topic in selected categories.


And this is different from a banner topic, or a pinned topic… how?

There are also first post and first topic education panels that already appear when you start typing as a new user.

As well as discobot which talks to every new user via PM…


Wouldn’t be it look like a big, important announcement with banner topic or pinned topic? I thought it as a little reminders start of each topic.

If you are looking for “little reminders when someone starts a topic” you already have that in the first topic and first post education panels that appear on the right side of the composer, e.g.

You won’t get this on mobile since there isn’t room for it, of course.


I’m on mobile and forgot this panel but this is just for new users. Is it hard to implement or do you find the idea unreasonable?

Use topic templates if you feel that strongly about it, and need it badly on mobile, then the information will be forced upon users every time they start a new topic.


It was just an idea, not a necessity.

Thank you.

Right but I’m curious what user behaviors you are seeing that are precipitating this line of thought. That’s what I am trying to get to.

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It’s mostly on Discord actually and we will channel them to Discourse forum soon.

We have seen that in over one year, people don’t read long rules and explanations. I thought it would be better to inform them with short notices everwhere rather than one long rules page. That Reddit study is also interesting. I found it here.

It’s best to limit your observations to the software actually in use, as chat is quite different than discussion. For that matter, Reddit is quite different than a linear, quoted discussion as well.

In other words, see what happens in Discourse rather than speculating about what you’re seeing in other software that serves different needs using different mechanisms.


Then I may share my observation in future. Other forum owners, moderators can share their thoughts as well. I would like to hear their opinions.