Science: Community Guideline reminders work

On r/science they did an experiment: Does adding a sticky comment with a brief reminder of the community guidelines make a difference? A scientific study says: yes.

I think this could be a good use of the new staff notices, especially for communities that are seeing a lot of new or anonymous users.


Maybe it will be a duplication of functionality. For users you can show a warning (which is done at the forums) with this:

Or this.

The article is interesting, thank you. But in fact, not particularly new in terms of information. Many community administrators may have themselves come to the fact that if you show important items, focus on them, the violations will be less.

This already exists in Discourse, when a new user starts typing their first reply or topic. Give it a try.

Also the new user PM that every new user gets covers community guidelines as well, the third of three bullets in that PM says: