Prevent a user from sending private messages?

Hi all,

I have a very “noisy” user on my forum who keeps sending private messages to other members (who have complained about it to me). I have tried talking to him several times but that hasn’t really brought about a change.

Is there a way to prevent a specific user from sending PMs to others?

The only thing I can think of would be to lock them at TL0. Then they wouldn’t be able to send PMs. However, they would also be limited in how many posts, topics, images, links, etc. they can post. It may work as a “time-out” - tell the user that they’re locked in TL0 until they stop PMing users.


It is possible to disable PMs in the latest Discourse version, but I’d hate for one problem user to cause a bunch of people to turn off PMs for everyone for all time. So I agree with @jomaxro, talk to this user, if they don’t improve, lock them at TL0 which prevents them from sending PMs.

cc @sam


@jomaxro @codinghorror “Downgrading” this particular user to TL0 sounds like a good workaround. Thanks, will give it a try.


Does anyone know a way to disable PMs for just a few users? Users below a certain age shouldn’t be able to send or receive PMs from non-admin users, but restricting them to TL0 would probably make the forum unpleasant to use.