Prevent unsubscribe functionality for user

Hey guys,

just want to ask, if you can prevent a user from unsubscribing from anything?

The background:
We are using discourse as a place to support our cloud platform. Additionally there is a support email distribution list, where you can write an email directly to the support staff.
Now I created an user in the community with that distribution email address and subscribed to the Support Category.
So now the support staff will get informed immediately, when someone posts something in that category.

My question is now if can prevent the recipients of this email getting this posts as email to unsubscribe over the link which comes with every email ?

Thanks and Greetings,


Your best solution is to see that the support staff are discourse users and subscribe them. If those people aren’t members, what good does it do to have them get those emails?

It’s a terrible idea, but I started a plugin that would do just that (for a project that was a terrible idea.) I can’t remember the status of it, but it’s possible to create such a plugin.


Hey @pfaffman,
totally agree with you, but the gap between a beautiful world and reality is often too wide :slight_smile:
A colleague of mine is not fully convinced of this community stuff, and don´t trust it. So he wanted this email distribution list still in place.
I thought it would be best to convince him of the advantages when I combine the two. So everybody who doesn´t want to use the community will be informed anyway that someone has a problem, and can react at his will.
The bad thing is now only, that if he presses unsubscribe, nobody in that list will get informed anymore :frowning:

Yeah. The other group had a similar issue with adoption.

If you’re in a position to use a custom plugin, and have the skills or budget to create one, that’s an option. Your can contact me or post in #marketplace.