Preventing further use of a category

Is there, or can there be, a way to keep the already assigned category associated with a discussion, but to prevent its further use going forward, except where an existing topic receives a reply?

I have an ‘archive’ category that relates to discussions imported from a now defunct forum on another platform.
I want the category to exist and remain visible as an aid to those wanting to search those old discussions, or wanting to update an old discussion where this seems appropriate (so this not really a ‘pure’ archive), but I don’t want it used for new discussions (which is what keeps on happening)

I would have assumed when editing categories, that toggling off ‘create’ within a category would achieve the desired result of preventing further topic creation under that category, but it seems to make no difference.

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Sounds like you want to remove “create” permissions from the category but keep “see” and “reply”.


Hi, yes, that is exactly what I am trying to do, and exactly what (I think) I have tried (see screenshot just added in my original post - it may not have been showing yet when you replied)

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Make sure you’re not testing as an admin user; you’ll bypass that restriction.


Thank you! I was tearing my hair out!


This also means admin users can accidentally bypass the restriction. (Moderators, too?)

*cough* Hey, by the way, for no particular reason, check out this RFE "Regular mode" for admins and moderators (e.g. something like "sudo")


:smiley: indeed

admin is very much like root, rather than a user with sudo

What would happen for a moderator or TL4 user in this case?

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