Gated Topics in Category

:discourse2: Summary Gated Topics in Category allows site admins to show a login prompt that covers the topic contents in specific categories as a way to encourage readers to sign up and log in.
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Install this theme component

Here are some settings for this theme component:

  • enabled categories - choose which categories that users need to sign up for
  • heading_text
  • subheading_text
  • signup_cta_label
  • login_cta_label

:star_struck: Thanks to these fine folks for helping build it: @pmusaraj, @tshenry, and @CvX


Oh my god, this is epic! I already feel that this should eventually become part of core :heart_eyes:

Wondering is it possible to remove the gate if someone has some degree of knowledge of CSS and js?

And any chance to be able to support applying the gate to tags as well?

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Thank you for this, its more than useful because i have daily almost 80-120 000 pageviews trough organic traffic but barely new members, this is gonna change it!

Thank you again @ella

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Yes, this won’t completely block the content… just a bit of a nag to create an account. It does take a little digging though, there are 3-4 separate CSS rules that need to be disabled before you can see the full topic.


This is a good job!
The design is sophisticated.

I also like guest gate.


thank you, this is awesome!

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