Privacy settings on the user's profile page

As an example, here’s Quora privacy features:

This image is kind of useless without an explanation by you.

  • What features are you talking about here?

  • Explain why they would be useful to you on Discourse?

  • Provide specific examples where they would be useful in a non-Q&A environment?

A lot of these look like misfeatures for a forum! Disallow replies is right out, adult content seems likely to be a per-forum social norm than a per-user preference, and while I can see your personal interest in a nofollow bit that’s not going to help the long-term health of the forum. There’s always pseudonyms…

HTTPS everywhere seems like a sane default but I don’t know of a reason to involve the user in that decision.

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I would be interested in not showing my Public Profile to the world at large
I had to use my real name and didn’t want it to be known (eg. my boss Googles me and sees I’ve called him a ****)
My email address was visible to all and I feared a deludge in my Inbox

I do think Public Profiles should be non-visible (except to Staff) for non-accounts however.

What are you talking about? Emails are never visible.

Sorry, my idiosyncratic abuse of the English language to convey meaning it wasn’t intended to be used for at fault here.

i.e. the big IF

If I don’t don’t want my real name to be Public, I don’t have to have it there.
My email address is not publicly visible.

IF == false

I opened this thread to think/argue for the requirements that a user needs to control on his profile.

For example, getting indexed on the web makes some users to be careful on the reality of their thoughts!

  • I edited the title.

So you mean a “keep all of my posts hidden except to logged in users” setting?

Nope! I mean “keep my name hidden from google, impartial crowlers, etc”.

  • Allow/Disallow search engines to index your name
  • Allow/Disallow others to see your public profile
  • And more…

So more like
“make all links to my Public Profile nofollow noindex” ?

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