Privacy settings on the user's profile page

(D Iff) #1

As an example, here’s Quora privacy features:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This image is kind of useless without an explanation by you.

  • What features are you talking about here?

  • Explain why they would be useful to you on Discourse?

  • Provide specific examples where they would be useful in a non-Q&A environment?

(Daniel Pritchett) #3

A lot of these look like misfeatures for a forum! Disallow replies is right out, adult content seems likely to be a per-forum social norm than a per-user preference, and while I can see your personal interest in a nofollow bit that’s not going to help the long-term health of the forum. There’s always pseudonyms…

HTTPS everywhere seems like a sane default but I don’t know of a reason to involve the user in that decision.

(Mittineague) #4

I would be interested in not showing my Public Profile to the world at large
I had to use my real name and didn’t want it to be known (eg. my boss Googles me and sees I’ve called him a ****)
My email address was visible to all and I feared a deludge in my Inbox

I do think Public Profiles should be non-visible (except to Staff) for non-accounts however.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

What are you talking about? Emails are never visible.

(Mittineague) #6

Sorry, my idiosyncratic abuse of the English language to convey meaning it wasn’t intended to be used for at fault here.

i.e. the big IF

If I don’t don’t want my real name to be Public, I don’t have to have it there.
My email address is not publicly visible.

IF == false

(D Iff) #7

I opened this thread to think/argue for the requirements that a user needs to control on his profile.

For example, getting indexed on the web makes some users to be careful on the reality of their thoughts!

  • I edited the title.

More & granular privacy for user profiles and fields
(Mittineague) #8

So you mean a “keep all of my posts hidden except to logged in users” setting?

(D Iff) #9

Nope! I mean “keep my name hidden from google, impartial crowlers, etc”.

  • Allow/Disallow search engines to index your name
  • Allow/Disallow others to see your public profile
  • And more…

(Mittineague) #10

So more like
"make all links to my Public Profile nofollow noindex" ?