Probably a bug relative to the close button on banner topic

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I have upgraded my test site (only plugins and no site customization) 3 or 4 days ago and I see that I have the close button (for login, sign up and banner) on the left.

I’ve seen it on many forums:

The difference that I can see with my live site (Discourse 1.8.0.beta10 - version f968b4e6629c352e9f5425e35f5dcbe72f4fbe88) - where the close button is display in the correct position - is relative to the class .modal-close (the parent of .close I think) where is the float:right statement.

This is my forum:

This is

For example, looking to and I can see the correct position (on the right) when I try to login or signup. There is the class .modal-close and the float: right, but the close button for banners is on the left.

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I think others that also reported this tied it back to a specific plugin. What plugins do you have installed/enabled?

Doesn’t happen on my sandbox or which are both on latest.

Might be related to Guest Gate (Sign Up Popup Plugin)


Those are all the plugins in the live site where the button is in the correct position.

In the site test I have all those plugins (but some are disabled as patreon and probably some other)
The only plugin enabled (by another admin to test it) that I don’t use in my live forum is relative to Steam login.
The server we use for the test site is off now, so I can try to disable it tomorrow morning. BTW this Steam plugin was enabled for some weeks without problems.
The only difference is that I asked to my sys-team to upgrade the site test and delete the old backup relative to my live forum because I need to work on it with the plugins and without all the other data (discussions, users, site customization etc…)

EDIT : I opened and Fractal Future Forum – Envisioning and creating a better future in safe-mode but the close button is still on the left.

I don’t use this plugin

Oh, I see. I’ve updated your topic title. I completely missed the banner topic, as the second screenshot for is showing their login-modal as part of the guest gate plugin (and yes, their site is using guest-gate). That isn’t the topic banner.

I can 100% reproduce this using a topic banner and only in that spot when on latest.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Navigate to any topic
  2. Make it a banner topic
  3. Close button is on the top left of the banner (even after a hard refresh)

The screens are relative to the login pop-up indeed, because is the only difference that I see.
So my live site is affected by this bug but I cannot see it because the banner is always the same topic that I edit from time to time.
Thanks @cpradio