Problem after Installation

sorry for my bad English. I´m from Germany.

I have an VM with 2GB RAM and would like to Install Discourse. I followed this Tutorial:

After the Step ./discourse-setup i would like to Start Discourse and open the Domain in Browser, but it not works. I can´t see the Registration.

I do not know what to do. Is someone here who can speak German and can help me please? It´s not easy for me, to find the right Information, to fix my Problem.

First question, what the the URL for your site?

ok, the Install worked. But i have a Problem with the Mailserver. I would like to use my Plesk Server to send eMails but it not works. i have test with port 25, 465 & 587. No Mails are incomming.
I can´t use Mailgun, because i have no Credit Card.

Can you post the section from app.yml containing the mail server details without the password?
Are there entries in /logs related to mail?