Unable to remove parent category to make subcategory a parent

Installed latest version: 3.3.0.beta1-dev (59fccfc4a1)

Upgraded to the latest and was trying to pull a subcategory out of parent to become a new parent. This is not possible in the latest version. In previous versions which was from 20240219 (I don’t remember the exact version) there was a way to select No Category.

Now in the Parent Category it only shows other Parents but the No Category is no longer an option to select.


hmmm I don’t remember ever doing this but I can reproduce that there is no “No category” option nor is there a way to “unselect” a parent category without selecting another existing one. :thinking:


Thanks for the report, @StraySlyph, this is a recent regression and I have now reverted the change that caused this issue: Revert "FIX: Show Uncategorized in category-chooser (#25794)" (#25843) · discourse/discourse@d10b1aa · GitHub


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