Problem with bookmarks in Discourse 2.8.0beta11

We are running a Discourse forum for Tesla enthusiasts in Germany/Austria/Switzerland (

After updating our forum to version 2.8.0beta11 one of our users is facing problems with his bookmarks.

If he klicks on his avatar no bookmarks are shown. Instead he sees a message that he has no bookmarks.

In his profile he gets the following message:


Translation: “You don’t have authorizations to show booksmarks for this user”

He also tried to create new bookmarks but they are also not shown in his profile.

Most of the other user have no problems with their bookmarks. Is seems to be no gerenal problem but in some way connected to this user account.

Is this a known issue with the version 2.8.0beta11?

The latest version is 2.9.0beta1

Try upgrading

Thank you for your suggestion to update to 2.9.0beta1.

According to the release notes “2.9.0.beta1 contains no new features or other major changes”. From my understandíng the beta 1 is always a copy of the latest beta of the previous version.

Can someone confirm that there were bug fixes regarding bookmarks in 2.9.0beta1? In that case we will upgrade the system during the next days.