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Hello. I’ve installed Discourse a few times now without problem. And I did one install yesterday. And it all went ok. But I reinstalled it for some reason. I’ve done as previously. But now I don’t get the discourse register page but a Apache test page instead. I’ve restarted my server. Full wipe. And reinstalled it. Same problem.
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Installation steps used

Thanks for any tips!

what happens when you turn off the apache service on your VPS?

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How did you setup vhost AND app.yml? Because installation you followed won’t work per se. Apache will hijack ports 80 and 443.

And I don’t know if you are using but http gives 302 redirection and https serves error 500. So — Apache2 is broken.

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Not to insult anyones intelligence, but I always look at the error_log file whenever I get a default Apache page. It’s usually just a permission error or pointing to a wrong directory.

You aren’t insulting anyone’s intelligence, it’s more that Apache isn’t part of discourse and won’t be installed anywhere if you’re following the standard install.

@jo-andre You need to provide more information about the server and why Apache is present in the first place.

Hey sorry for late respons!

i have no idea why Apache is running. or installed. this is a fresh server.
edit: Cant even find it …

Could your DNS be set incorrectly?

Does Apache still respond during a server reboot? That’s usually a good clue that it’s not the same system responding.

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yeah, probably. That’s my thing!
The ip of the server where pointing too the main domain & sub-domain.
i removed the one pointing to main domain and ill try again.

edit Thanks! i would never tought of that! :smiley:

Many thanks for helping out @merefield @Jagster @Fluttercode & @Stephen :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That is how it should work, because both are on same IP address. Your vhosts aren’t right, I guess. But one way to fix that is remove ”main domain” from DNS.

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