Problem with periods in usernames

Yes, or so it seems to me.

My username contains a dot, and the dot being a wildcard, when I want to open the profile of a username identical but with a letter instead of the dot, and it opens my own profile.
Steps to reproduce:

  • Take a username containing a dot (e.g @a.c) and another one identical but containing another letter where the dot is (e.g @azc)
  • Connect yourself as @a.c and try to open the profile of @azc via a mention or avatar. It leads to @a.c’s profile, and I’m unable to open @azc’s profile.
  • Connect yourself as another user or change the username of @a.c to e.g @a.ct, the issue disappears

Check the topic in the Fairphone Forum given above for all details.

Is this issue related? Is it reproducible on Meta?


Periods in username is a different issue. Moving that to a different topic.


@sam said in a previous post (now deleted, since the bug was fixed) that periods are allowed in usernames and to open bugs for any issues with periods in usernames… here’s one.


Yes, I can reproduce this over at following the steps provided by @alex21. I created a new account for I then clicked on @jomaxro's avatar next to a topic on /latest, clicked the larger avatar from the user card, and landed on's profile page instead of @jomaxro as expected. cc @sam


Ok this PR should fix this bug:

Thanks for reporting this @alex21!


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